• It's long been said that a good night's rest can help just about anything. But what if you consistently experience sleeping difficulties? The Witham Sleep Lab performs diagnostic tests to help determine if a patient is suffering from a sleep disorder.

Sleep studies performed at Witham Sleep Lab facility:

  • PSG: an overnight sleep study that determines if a patient has sleep apnea
  • CPAP or BiPAP Titration: an overnight sleep study that determines the optimal amount of CPAP pressure needed to correct sleep apnea. (CPAP is pressurized room air that maintains an open airway during sleep.)
  • MSLT: a test that documents the presence and severity of daytime sleepiness and evaluates ability to drive safely
  • MWT: a test often used for those who have an occupation in the transport industry to evaluate their ability to fly safely

We also offer at  Home Sleep Studies.

This consists of a sleep-wearable, wireless recorder worn on the forehead that acquires and stores 1-3 nights of sleep data.  The patient will come to the hospital to be fitted for a recording device to take home that same day and wear it that night.  Then, the patient will bring back the recorder to the hospital the next day for the recorded data to be interpreted by the Sleep Lab Physician.

If test results reveal a sleep disorder, there are various treatment options available for patients to discuss with the physician.

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