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Dr. Bosslet Receives Award

Sarah Bosslet, MD

Sarah Bosslet, MD
Lebanon, IN

Dr. Sarah Bosslet has been a valuable partner and advocate for HPV vaccination in the state of Indiana. She has been in practice at Witham Pediatrics in Lebanon, Indiana since 2008, where she works tirelessly to educate patients and staff about HPV vaccination.

Dr. Bosslet and six other pediatricians from Witham Pediatrics recently developed a Quality Improvement (QI) Plan through the National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN) and the Academic Pediatrics Association (APA) to improve HPV vaccination rates. The office has established a culture of immunization by educating all staff on the importance of HPV vaccination, how to make effective recommendations for the HPV vaccine, and understanding the impact recommendations have on parent/guardian decisions to vaccinate against HPV cancers.

Dr. Bosslet is the Immediate Past President of the Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). During her tenure, Dr. Bosslet was an important voice in the efforts to increase HPV vaccination rates across the state and share best practices with other clinicians. She has spoken (or has upcoming appearances) about HPV vaccination at the Public Health Nurse Conference; the Indiana Immunization Coalition conference; the Indiana Association of School Nurses Conference; and, the HPV Summit: A Road to an HPV Cancer Free Generation. Dr. Bosslet was also at the helm of the Indiana chapter of the AAP when they received two grants to provide clinician training and education around HPV vaccination. Dr. Bosslet has also completed the HPV Quality Improvement Maintenance of Certification offered by the Indiana Immunization Coalition.

Dr. Bosslet’s down-to-earth approach and memorable presentations leave a lasting impression with attendees. Most recently, Dr. Bosslet agreed to participate in filming a PSA-style video to educate parents and preteens about the recommended adolescent vaccines, including HPV. With a 67% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescents at her practice, Dr. Sarah Bosslet is Indiana’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!