Welcome to Witham Health Services. Our Mission, Vision and Value's statements are more than a corporate statement. It's our DNA.

Our Mission
To improve health through excellence and personalized care.

This mission is lived out daily at Witham through our values, which show we are committed to others through both our service and example. Our values focus on four key characteristics.

Our Values
WE     C: Compassion
            A: Accountability
           R: Respect
          E: Excellence

"As employees embrace the mission, the values become a conscious part of the way we live with other colleagues, our patients and the greater community. And all of our goals, from individual departments to hospital-wide initiatives, are grounded in our values," says Raymond Ingham, CEO & President of Witham Health Services.

While we stay focused on the present and how we're doing, we have to have an eye to the future, to what we want to become.

Our Vision
To be the community's healthcare provider of choice.