Witham Health Services is a progressive, modern healthcare provider that has prepared for the 21st century by building a 168,000 square foot, $40 million hospital facility located at 2605 N. Lebanon Street in Lebanon, IN. According to the Indiana Hospital Association, Witham is one of only two county-owned hospitals in Indiana that have built new facilities in the past decade.

Witham is able to meet the majority of the community's health care needs. Select specialty areas, such as open heart surgery and severe burn treatment, are referred to another provider.

Care right away
Perhaps one of the most striking features of the hospital is found in the entry. Rather than being greeted by a sterile lobby and reception desk, visitors are warmly welcomed by music from a player piano and a 30-foot granite "water wall" enclosed in a skylight-topped atrium soaring to nearly 50 feet.

The priority of privacy
Patient privacy was a prime consideration in the hospital's design. Enclosed registration booths with frosted glass doors offer clients complete privacy when registering for hospital services. An interior corridor connects the emergency department to the lab and imaging departments. This non-public corridor provides for total privacy when transporting patients for additional testing. And surgery patients now have private rooms with glass doors for pre/post operative care.

Multiple services available
Outpatient services are located on the first floor and include the emergency department, occupational health services, imaging and laboratory services, as well as surgery. The 48 private inpatient rooms are located on the second floor and include the medical/surgical unit, Witham maternity center, ICU/CCU and Transitions Senior Behavioral Health Care Unit. The sleep lab, inpatient rehabilitation and pharmacy are also located on the second floor of Witham Hospital.

Homey patient rooms
The patient rooms are designed so that each bed is arranged to give the patient a view of the outdoors. Each room also comes with an armoire and comfortable furnishings for family members. The interior design of the building also lends a healing touch to the overall feel of the hospital. Wood, granite and natural lighting were used throughout the facility to bring a feeling of home to our patients.

Prepared for the future
As the needs of the community change, Witham is prepared. The hospital is flexible in its design so that additions can be made without disruption to ongoing patient care.